You may be here because you saw one of the video interviews our team did with Derek Johnson from Tatango.  If so, welcome. We've been fortunate to have a number of collaboration opportunities with Tatango in the last year. In addition to our video series, for instance, we hosted Derek on our reassigned numbers podcast and also submitted comments on Tatango's behalf to the FCC's NOI on reassigned numbers.

We know the TCPA can be difficult to navigate - even with an exhaustive video resource library like Tatango's - so please feel free to contact us with any of your lingering TCPA questions. In the meantime, we put together some additional information regarding the TCPA Defense Force, as well as links to a few helpful resources.

What we do: 

It is our mission to help your company communicate with consumers responsibly and without fear of legal consequences - to reduce TCPA risk without curbing creativity. We offer services to help your company at every intersection of the TCPA.


TCPA Compliance Training

Educate your team on the basics of TCPA compliance without boring them to pieces.

TCPA Counseling

Stay up to date with the FCC's shifting TCPA rulings and allow us to help you implement a strategy that maneuvers the wide TCPA terrain on your behalf.  

TCPA Litigation

Maximize your defense with BigLaw experience and the efficiency of a specialized firm.


While we encourage you to check out our full Resource Library, we've assembled a couple of our most popular resources here.


233 x 302 Rules Edition Cover.png

TCPA Survival Guide: The Rules Edition

Download our TCPA Survival Guide and master the TCPA fundamentals. A few of the FAQs discussed in this guide include:

  • What's next for the TCPA?
  • If another company markets on my behalf, can I be held liable?
  • How can calls/texts to mobile phones violate the TCPA?

Webinar: Updates from the Bar

Watch our webinar on the latest court trends where two seasoned TCPA defense attorneys discuss:

  • Cases against mobile apps and their use of consumers' contact lists.
  • The proliferation of reassigned-number and VoIP-service cases.
  • The proliferation of SMS platform consent and revocation issues.

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Let's discuss how we can help you overcome your TCPA challenges. Whether you have already launched your marketing campaign or you were just served with a lawsuit, we are here to evaluate your needs and help you mitigate your risks. Set up a call or shoot us an email.