The explosion of TCPA cases has continued in 2017.

Financial institutions, call centers, and debt collectors continue to be major targets. But the TCPA plaintiffs' attorneys and professional plaintiffs have enlarged their targets. And the courts have struggled to keep up with the caseload.

The change in leadership at the FCC, and the uncertainty surrounding the D.C. Circuit's upcoming decision on the appeal of the FCC’s July 2015 TCPA Order, have created further uncertainty for the U.S. courts struggling to manage the exponential growth of TCPA litigation.

Spend an hour with two seasoned TCPA defense attorneys from Innovista Law, home of the TCPA Defense Force, to learn about the latest trends in TCPA litigation.

Martin Cunniff and Joe Bowser discuss a variety of developments, ranging from:

  • Emerging cases against mobile apps and their use of consumers' contact lists;
  • Proliferation of reassigned-number and VoIP-service cases;
  • Proliferation of plaintiffs having a garbled conversation with the SMS platform rather than simply texting "STOP" to opt out and related consent and revocation issues; and
  • Shifting developments in how - and even whether - the courts are putting any rational limitation on the FCC's expansive notion of the "capacity" of an autodialer. 

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