Master the TCPA Fundamentals

The second edition in our Survival Guide series is a 68-page E-Book covering the ins and outs of the TCPA. 

Like the Litigation Edition, this guide is designed to arm a layperson with useful information and underline various areas of safe--and unsafe--passage for telemarketing campaigns. The Rules Edition addresses myriad FAQs to help you effectively navigate the TCPA landscape no matter where you are in your journey.

Some of the FAQs include:

  • What's next for the TCPA?
  • Who can get in trouble with the TCPA?
  • If another company markets on my behalf, can I be held liable?
  • What can happen if my company violates the TCPA?
  • How can calls/texts to mobile phones violate the TCPA?
  • What is a Do-Not-Call List violation?
  • What if calls are made from outside the United States?

The TCPA Rules set various traps for the unwary. Use this guide to stay on your TCPA toes. Download your copy of our TCPA Survival Guide today.


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