The frequency of Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action lawsuits has increased dramatically in the past few years, which has prompted an increasing interest in insurance coverage for TCPA claims.  At the same time, though, insurance companies have increasingly sought to exclude TCPA claims from their standard coverage, as we highlight in our Insurance Coverage E-Guide.

I recently spoke with Otto Foerster, Executive Vice President and co-founder of JM Private Insurance in Miami, Florida, about the potential value of TCPA insurance and what companies should know before seeking this coverage.



Otto is a fourth-generation insurance agent from a family-run agency that grew through partnerships and agency acquisitions. He has worked nationwide as a conduit between mobile marketers or  platform providers and the insurers willing to create policies that cover TCPA claims. Otto helps clients obtain a competive selection of coverage proposals from multiple insurance providers. He then helps those clients understand the pricing, terms, and risks and/or benefits involved with each option.


TCPA Insurance Interview Topics:

During the interview, Otto and I examine various aspects of TCPA insurance coverage, including:

  • The different needs of B-2-C and B-2-B companies;
  • Policy limits for TCPA coverage;
  • Premiums and how they differ between insurers;
  • Information an insurer will want to see before providing coverage;
  • How insurers assist companies under fire for a large TCPA violation; and
  • How insurers shy away from companies with repeated small TCPA offenses. 



Those with additional TCPA insurance questions may reach Otto directly at or by phone at (305) 908-1832 ext. 701. The TCPA Defense Force by Innovista Law does not endorse any third party products or services.




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