Utilities and the TCPA 

Over the years, the TCPA has been modified and supplemented, including the introduction of industry-specific exemptions to certain TCPA requirements. In our TCPA Exemptions Series, we provide E-guides tailored to each industry exemption that include an in-depth analysis of the exemption and the rules that still apply. This E-guide will help you decipher the precise scenarios that utility companies should keep in mind when contacting their customers. 

Bottom line: utility providers may contact their customers concerning matters closely related to the utility service. But what does this mean? In the easy-to-follow guide, we analyze TCPA problem areas for utility companies based on the following considerations:

  1. When the "emergency-purpose exception" applies.
  2. The types of calls considered "closely related to the utility service."
  3. What level of consent is needed.
  4. How calls regarding payment or debt collection are treated.

 Length of E-Guide: 9 pages

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