Health Care and the TCPA 

Over the years, the TCPA has been modified and supplemented, including the introduction of industry-specific exemptions to certain TCPA requirements. In our TCPA Exemptions Series, we provide E-guides tailored to each industry exemption that include an in-depth analysis of the exemption and rules that still apply. This E-guide will help you decipher the precise scenarios that fall within the TCPA’s Health Care Exemption. 

Bottom line: health care providers should not let the TCPA deter them from using proven patient-engagement technologies.

In the easy-to-follow Q&A format, we answer questions such as:

  • Does the 2012 Health Care Rule cover residential, mobile and VoIP numbers?
  • Does the 2012 Health Care Rule eliminate the consent requirement altogether?
  • What constitutes prior express consent?
  • Does the 2015 Free-to-End-User Health Care Exemption cover both residential and mobile phone numbers?
  • Is it a “free-to-end-user call” if the call counts towards the recipient’s plan minutes or text message limit?

Length of E-Guide: 14 pages

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