Schools and the TCPA 

Over the years, the TCPA has been modified and supplemented, including the introduction of industry-specific exemptions to certain TCPA requirements. In our TCPA Exemptions Series, we provide E-guides tailored to each industry exemption that include an in-depth analysis of the exemption and the rules that still apply. This E-guide will help you decipher the precise scenarios that fall within the TCPA’s Schools and Universities Exemption. 

Bottom line: schools and universities should not let the TCPA deter them from using proven student-engagement and community-outreach technologies.

In the easy-to-follow guide, we analyze the TCPA exemption for schools and universities based on the following considerations:

  1. How you're going to communicate with the student/family.
  2. The type of phone service the called party uses.
  3. The nature of the call. 

 Length of E-Guide: 9 pages

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