Kristin is an experienced trial lawyer and civil litigator, having tried well over 100 cases in both State and Federal Court. With a deep knowledge of evidence and juries, Kristin is adept at case workup, settlement, and trials for a wide variety of cases.  After an initial career as a prosecutor with both the Riverside and Los Angeles County District Attorneys’ Offices, she has focused the last 15 years of her practice handling civil trials, including case workup, settlement, and trial.

With a constant eye on what a jury might eventually do, Kristin’s approach to litigation is unique.  She excels at early case evaluation and issue spotting, case positioning and settlement.  Additionally, she is skilled at witness preparation – both for deposition and for trial.  Of course, should the case be ones of those that needs to go the distance, Kristin has extensive and successful experience with actual trials – an experience that is rare in the civil litigation world.